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Below you will find reflections from those that have experienced the benefits of the Knights to Christ book in their Councils and parishes.

“Knights to Christ is a Life-Changing Resource”


Please accept my thanks for the wonderful work you have done for the Knights of Columbus with your publication, “Knights to Christ.” I want you to know I was given a copy in a packet I received when I was initiated into Council 975 in Alliance, Nebraska. I had the book for about 2 months and never got around to really using it until I came upon it laying among some paperwork I was going through for disposal. I picked it up and began reading the daily meditations and immediately became fascinated at how many of the meditations seemed to speak to me about the events taking place in my daily life.
The book now has its own place in the nightstand beside my bed. Upon rising in the morning or retiring at night, I pick up “Knights to Christ” and read the meditation pertaining to the next day. The copy I have is starting to show the signs of something that is well used. After I read the daily meditation, I put it down and think about the message it is giving me. I think of how I can use the information for that day and for my daily life.

As you know, a Grand Knight has to interact with a large range of personalities on a daily basis. The lessons and meditations contained in “Knights to Christ” have had a positive influence on my interactions with everyone I deal with. The degree of conflict has dropped to nearly zero. I’m finding that I have become so much more accepting of other people and their ideas and attitudes. Sometimes I look back on the day’s activities and shake my head at how much I have changed. I think that the one small act of reading the daily meditation and then trying to emphasize its lessons has made me a more spiritual person. I am now trying to see or make good out of my daily life. I know that my faith has been deepened by the book. For that I am deeply grateful. I wish Supreme would adopt a policy whereby men taking their 1st Degree would be given a copy of “Knights to Christ” with their membership packet. That’s what we do in Alliance, Nebraska. We also take the extra step to ask them to use it in their daily lives. I strongly feel that daily use of “Knights to Christ” is a life-changing resource that has the capability to make the world we live in a kinder, gentler place to live.

— JJ Smith, Grand Knight, Council 9975, Alliance, Nebraska

Knight evangelizes with Knights to Christ meditation book


I gave my wife a copy of the Knights to Christ, (No, it was not to get her to join the Knights of Columbus, she already belongs to the Ladies Auxiliary). She tells me all the time how much she loves the daily reading each and every day, this also means a lot to me. Of course I have my own copy of the Knights to Christ and I do the daily readings. When I or my wife read one of the readings and find one that we want to share with our three kids, (48, 46 and 44 years old) or our grand kids , we make a copy of the front of the book and the selected reading and mail it to them for their information and use. We have also done this with other family members and friends. Some of the readings are so awesome that we just want to share it with that person. The Knights to Christ book is so great for a quick read and sometimes it is that kick in the pants we need every once in a while. It also gives you something to think about and contemplate on.
— John Allen, Advocate, Council 10205

Council rejuvenates membership with Knights to Christ


Just a few years ago our Council (St. Thomas the Apostle 587 in Ann Arbor, Michigan), came close to closing up shop.We heard of these devotional books called “Knights the Christ”, and purchased a dozen or so. Within a matter of a few months, our Council experienced such a large revival as a result of the inspiration that these books provided, as of October 2006, we were the number one Council in the entire State for recruiting new members!The blessings keep coming and we want to thank our Brother Knights in the great State of Colorado for promoting the use of “Knights to Christ” devotional books.

— Robin Sanders, Financial Secretary, St Thomas the Apostle Council 587

Father Kinerk shares his thoughts:


Knights to Christ is a great way to inspire and focus yourself; a basis for private prayer.
— Father Ed Kinerk, S.J., Rector, Sacred Heart Retreat House

Praise from Alaska


I already have a book that I received when I went to a Knights of Steamboat Springs retreat in Sedalia, CO a couple of years ago with my father. It is a great book and I treasure it and ordered a hard copy for my son who will be confirmed in Steamboat this weekend. I work in Alaska and that was the address I used for the order. Our family will be moving to Portland, OR this summer so our son can attend Jesuit High there. I really like the book and will always recommend or gift to those I come in contact with.
— Steve Houck, Alaska

A daily Reader from New York says:


It is rare I take a pen in hand so to speak to praise but I am blown-away with the book “Knights to Christ”. I spent years working at both ABC and CBS television in New York and read all I could and then discussed its value with our staff. I read this book daily and come away a good feeling with the stories of religion, patriotism, camaraderie and common sense. It is so well written book that I would recommend it to anyone.
— Wayne Wicks, Formally – ABC Television Network and CBS News, New York

Want to join the Knights to Christ Spiritual Enrichment team?

Join the Knights to Christ team and evangelize with your Brother Knights. Knights to Christ team members are needed throughout the state. To promote the book/concept and work with Councils and District Deputies in their respective areas. This is a great way to develop a deeper love for Christ and to assist councils that need rejuvenation.

If interested, contact Colorado State Chairman Bruce Tawson, 720-244-5443;

If you have a testimonial you would like to share, contact us and tell us all about it!

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Don Ferega, Grand Knight, Christ on the Mountain Council 7640 Lakewood, CO

    A testimonial to the value of a Knights to Christ retreat…
    Our Council asked retreat director, Jim Hiltenbrand to lead a retreat for the men of Christ on the Mountain in Lakewood, CO including our Pastor, Fr David Allen.
    Jim did a fabulous job leading a retreat for 28 men. This group made some great connections. Men who previously “knew” one another by face and by the Sunday Mass they attended, got to know one another on a deeply spiritual and personal level.
    Jim was especially accommodating to adapt the retreat for a group comprised of about half Knights and half non-Knights. The content, the discussions and the breaks for personal quiet time and prayer all made the day go by way too fast. On Sunday several attendees came up to me to say what a great experience the retreat was including Fr David.
    Thank you for putting this program together! Don Ferega, Grand Knight, Council 7640 Lakewood, CO

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