Knights to Christ

Knights to Christ Spiritual Enrichment Initiative

Knights of the Crusades wore heavy armor to protect themselves from Muslim weapons of war.  Today, many of us wear the protective armor of fear that shields our belief system of faith, hope and love from expressing itself to others. Some of us are vulnerable to potential criticism of our innermost thoughts and beliefs about our faith; our Catholicism and our spiritual journey.

The purpose of the Knights to Christ Spiritual Enrichment Initiative is to dissolve that fear. It opens our hearts to hear divinely inspired messages from others. These messages of spiritual strength and experience emboldens us to share our own experiences of faith with other men starved for spirituality.

The spiritual initiative focuses on the four principles of the Order: charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism as set forth by our inspired meditation book, Knights to Christ. The initiative is a simple, but powerful plan of action that is inspiring and fulfilling, bringing us closer in unity with one another and the Holy Spirit.

There are three parts of the spiritual enrichment initiative:

  1. Knights to Christ meditation
  2. Council faith sharing groups
  3. Spiritual enrichment retreats

Download the Turnkey Retreat Guide.

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